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CDiscount Chooses Sourcepoint to Protect User Privacy

October 17, 2022

About CDiscount

CDiscount is a French ecommerce site and online marketplace and has been operating for over 20 years. They are the number one ecommerce player in France and see upwards of 23 million unique visitors every month. A pioneer in responsible e-commerce, CDiscount aims to make goods and services accessible for as many people as possible while building an inclusive European digital economy.

Why Sourcepoint

CDiscount sought out a strong scanning technology that could help them monitor privacy compliance of vendors using trackers across a large number of pages and various parts of the ecommerce user journey. 

Sourcepoint’s Diagnose Compliance Monitoring tool helped CDiscount identify and address privacy risk at scale. With automated reporting, benchmarking insights, and the ability to scan for tracker behavior across even the most complicated user journeys, Diagnose empowers CDiscount’s advertising and privacy teams to ensure compliance at all times.  

“The Diagnose tool gives us global visibility into the behavior of trackers operating on our sites. It is a very innovative and powerful solution that enables us to monitor compliance at scale. The reports perfectly complement our consent management workflows to inform the way we control and document our tech stacks.” — Guillaume Sana, Data Protection Officer, CDiscount


Cdiscount’s sought out an easy-to-use, high-performing tool that could manage a large volume of scans while:

  • Monitoring compliance with the CNIL rules concerning cookies and other tracers announced in October 2021
  • Ensuring properly collected consent across many different scenarios and user journeys, including those managed by third parties

“The Diagnose tool gives us global visibility on the behavior of tracers operating on our site.”

Guillaume Sanna, Data Protection Officer


Diagnose provided the Cdiscount team:

  • Automated scanning and regular reporting
  • An understanding of vendor prevalence in the market with benchmarking.
  • Regular evaluations of data dashboards to measure improvement and report issues to vendors as needed.

Frequent, accurate scanning

Using Diagnose, CDiscount was able to set up regular scans for each part of the user journey to account for different login statuses. 

With the ability to mimic human behavior to interact with consent messages on site, Diagnose could detect whether choices were respected by each vendor. This provided visibility into vendor compliance not just on the homepage, but also on different parts of the checkout flow and throughout the parts of the website that were hosted by third party partners. 

Additionally, Diagnose could avoid bot detection and promise accuracy by using residential IP addresses. 

Actionable insights

With dashboards based around multiple indicators of privacy risk, the CDiscount team could easily understand overall privacy health at a glance. They could also dive more specifically into vendors dropping cookies without consent, which was particularly important for complying with the CNIL’s rules on trackers. 

The CDiscount team also appreciated the benchmarking function built into all Diagnose reports, which they used to compare tracker behavior on their sites to that of market peers in order to uncover best practices, risks, and missed opportunities. 

A true partnership

CDiscount’s dedicated account manager from Sourcepoint quickly became just like another member of their team, meeting regularly to discuss the findings uncovered by the scans and to strategize around how they were going to improve on the previous month’s insights. 

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About Sourcepoint

Sourcepoint is the privacy software company for the digital marketing ecosystem. We provide tools to protect consumer privacy, manage compliance and optimize revenue in a rapidly changing landscape. Founded by a team of digital publishing veterans, Sourcepoint has offices in New York, Berlin, London, and Paris.

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