Privacy Lens

Data privacy measurement and analytics for digital advertising


Quality consumer privacy experiences build consumer trust, improve brand loyalty, and improve purchase intent. Outstanding media sellers should be compensated accordingly.

With Privacy Lens, we’re helping advertisers and publishers benefit from a shared commitment to consumer privacy.

Our proprietary technology allows media buyers to see how their media inventory suppliers approach consumer data protection.


Together, we can set a new standard for privacy.


Dynamic auditing for compliance that adjusts to changing risk profiles.


Measure degrees of compliance with regulatory and market-relevant rules, visualize impact on your media plan, and adjust your standards to meet your objectives while curating a safe list.



Ongoing protection against changes in regulation or third-party behavior


Our proprietary technology emulates user interactions to evaluate inventory sources for user-friendly workflows, the absence of manipulative design practices or data breach risks. Regular scanning ensures inclusion lists are updated to reflect new rules or other changes.


Multi-market support

Our scanning technology leverages residential IP addresses across the globe to measure your inventory’s compliance with GDPR, CCPA/CPRA, and other regulations, along with industry frameworks like IAB TCF and the IAB US Compliance Framework.

Data ethics

Detect markers of data breach risk or questionable digital citizenship practices, such as active fingerprinting.

Unique parameters

Select from a dynamic rule set to create custom standards for different markets, campaigns, or brands.


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of the UK’s top news publishers use Sourcepoint

10 out of 10

of Germany’s top news publishers use Sourcepoint

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