What is the TCF v2.2 and why is Google requiring an approved CMP?



Get an overview of the Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) and learn why Google has announced they will require publisher partners to use it.



The crackdown on tracking pixels in the US



Understand what’s behind the surge in privacy cases related to third-party pixels and other tracking technologies in the US, and how to go about mitigating risk.


Vendor Trace



Learn how to use the Vendor Trace tool to visualize the entire chain of vendor referrals on your website, see if your CMP is implemented correctly, and understand how vendors are respecting consumer preferences.


CTV & Consent



See the Dialogue CMP for OTT/CTV in action in this webinar for IAB Europe’s Virtual CTV Day, including how to create custom messages for different devices.


How many vendors is enough?



See how the team at The Independent used Sourcepoint’s Diagnose tool to reduce their vendor list by evaluating vendors for compliance and business value.


Global Privacy Control



Get an overview on Global Privacy Control (GPC), a technical specification for transmitting universal opt-out signals. You’ll learn best practices for honoring the GPC signal as of today, and as new jurisdictions become relevant.



Benchmark Report: US Privacy Compliance


Sourcepoint presents its findings on the current state of publisher compliance with CCPA, recent enforcement actions, and what lies ahead for US privacy.


Google Analytics 4 and Consent



How to collect consent for Google Analytics 4 and the rest of your tech stack using the Sourcepoint CMP, as well as new tools such as Google Consent Mode.


The Belgian DPA’s decision on the TCF



What the decision means for the digital advertising industry and the Transparency and Consent Framework. Plus, our recommendations for your CMP and vendor list set up.


Vendor assessments: Looking at cookies and beyond



You’ll learn about the importance of curating your vendor list, how to conduct vendor assessments, and common behaviors and blind spots to watch for.


Switching to TCF v2.0



What’s new in version 2.0 of the Transparency and Consent Framework, and how to prepare for the transition.


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