Consent management for mobile apps

Collect consent and maximize monetization

Capture and syndicate user preferences to comply with privacy regulations (GDPR, U.S. state laws) and industry frameworks (TCF) on mobile apps.

With Sourcepoint’s Google-certified CMP, you can deliver fully customizable messages to collect consent and meet Google requirements for serving ads the UK and EEA. Plus, leverage our Unity SDK for easy integration with mobile games.



Google to require certified CMPs

Publishers will be required to use certified CMPs that support TCF v2.2 to serve ads in the UK and EEA. Understand why, and get best practices for migration, in this webinar presented with Google.



Ensure monetization on gaming apps


Our plug and play Unity SDK for iOS and Android makes it easy to integrate our Google-certified CMP with mobile games built on Unity



Battle tested by global publishers


With support for over 30 languages, Sourcepoint enables enterprise publishers to deploy consent experiences across diverse portfolios.



Award-winning client services

Partner with a dedicated account

manager from Day 1.

Reporting & A/B testing

Use our reporting dashboard to visualize performance and optimize consent rates.

Customized user journeys

Build custom scenarios to control messaging flows and consent based triggers.

Creative control and branding

Leverage our message builder templates for WYSIWG formatting, or get more creative with custom CSS.

Cross-environment compatibility

SDKs for platform coverage across web, app, and connected TV.

Detect and audit vendors

Our proprietary scanning tool helps you build your vendor list, and audit downstream behavior.

Implement and deploy at scale

Quickly deploy messaging scenarios across all properties with easy campaign management.

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