Use our premium consent management solution across major OTT/CTV environments

As the connected TV market opportunity grows in importance for the digital marketing industry, so does the importance of collecting consent.

Sourcepoint’s Dialogue CMP is made to capture and syndicate user preferences to comply with privacy regulations (GDPR, CCPA), wherever they are, while acting as an extension of your brand.

With support for messaging on major OTT/CTV devices, our CMP empowers you to deliver customized consent messages, enable user choice, and ensure those choices persist across environments.




End-to-end compliant customer experiences


Create beautiful on-brand privacy experiences for OTT/CTV and integrate privacy seamlessly into the cross-device user experience

True omni-channel support


Manage and consolidate consent across environments with support for web, in-app, mobile, and market-leading OTT/CTV compatibility.

Integrate identity and consent


‘Authenticated consent’ links individual privacy preferences to a user profile allowing publishers to collect consent signals based on identity rather than cookies.


See it in action


See the Dialogue CMP for OTT/CTV in action in this webinar for IAB Europe’s Virtual CTV Day. Pat Effinger, US Client Services Director, and Chris Maurer, Director of Solutions Consulting walk through a demo, including difference options for custom messages.



Global data privacy compliance

Support for privacy regulations (GDPR, ePrivacy, CCPA) and industry standards (TCF v2)

Reporting & A/B testing

Use our powerful reporting dashboard to visualize performance across environments and optimize consent rates.

Custom user journeys

Build custom flows to test different messaging scenarios on diverse platforms, from OTT to iOS ATT.

Creative control for on-brand messaging

Leverage our message builder templates for WYSIWG formatting, or get more creative with custom CSS.

Cross-environment compatibility

Leverage the widest OTT/CTV platform coverage in the market: including RokuTV, AndroidTV, Tizen, AppleTV, FireTV, WebOS.

Consumer consent history

Maintain an audit trail for compliance with detailed records of each user’s consent preferences, by legal basis and by vendor.

Campaign management at scale

Group properties and clone messaging scenarios to implement campaigns at regional, global, property-specific or publisher-family levels of consent.

Authenticated consent

Collect durable consent for a frictionless user experience across devices.

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