The always-up-to-date US state privacy law comparison chart

Julie Rubash, Chief Privacy Counsel
July 18, 2023

Updated July 18 2023

Is it getting harder to keep track of state privacy laws, or is it just us? From the ever growing list of privacy bills coming out of state legislatures, the following states have passed comprehensive data privacy laws: CaliforniaVirginiaColoradoUtah, Connecticut, Iowa, Indiana, Montana, Tennessee, Texas, and Oregon. We’ve also included Florida in this comparison chart, but one should note that the scope is much more narrow.

With each new law, comes the questions of how requirements and impacts to the digital advertising industry will differ. This chart dives into key differences in notice requirements, specifications for presenting opt-out, and requirements to honor opt-outs via universal opt-out mechanisms. Stay tuned for specific comparisons in state level approaches to sensitive data processing.

Bookmark this page for an always-up-to-date overview of US state privacy laws, and download our infographic on effective deadlines to remember.

Download the PDF version of this chart here

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