Sourcepoint Arms Digital Advertising Industry with Compliance Solution Ahead of CCPA

November 7, 2019

New research highlights two in five publishers yet to take action to prepare for California Consumer Privacy Act

NEW YORK, November 6th, 2019: Sourcepoint, the compliance platform for the digital advertising ecosystem, today releases its California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) solution to help companies adapt to the changing regulatory environment. Sourcepoint is offering implementation for organizations to be live in advance of the January 1st 2020 deadline, supporting companies within the digital advertising ecosystem to ensure compliance, while continuing to successfully monetize content.

Sourcepoint’s award-winning and extensible Consent Management Platform (CMP) enables full compliance with CCPA, including Do Not Sell requirements and data access and deletion requests. The CMP is compliant with the IAB’s proposed CCPA Compliance Framework, supports various strategies, including state-level geotargeting, and integrates with publishers’ existing identity management solutions to offer authenticated, cross-environment compliance. Additionally, Sourcepoint is offering dedicated modules for data mapping and subject rights request handling, a mainstay of opt-out regimes like CCPA. The data request management module provides cross-channel communication for customers, including web, email and phone.

“It would be irresponsible for media owners to ignore the tide of regulation being introduced globally,” commented Ben Barokas, Co-founder and CEO at Sourcepoint. “Publishers that rely on ad-based revenue must consider the key differentiators for each regional piece of legislation, whether it’s CCPA, the Nevada privacy law or GDPR. While there is understandably a focus on compliance and readiness for January 1st, we believe that publishers will need to quickly pivot from solely compliance, to optimization and monetization. Sourcepoint’s solution was designed to support media owners in a post-regulation world to utilize consent signals to their advantage, while building sustainable operations in a compliant and user-friendly way.”

To coincide with the launch, Sourcepoint conducted research that reveals differences in publishers’ attitudes to the upcoming CCPA:

>> Two in five publishers have not yet taken action to prepare for CCPA. However, a similar number expect CCPA to be the data privacy regulation that is likely to have the greatest impact on their business in the next 12-24 months. Worryingly, almost one-fifth (15%) aren’t aware of the regulation and only 13% plan to implement an alternative monetization strategy to counter the regulation  

>> There is a strong feeling that US data protection at state level will be replaced with a single legislative mandate at the federal level. Over half (58%) believe this will happen in the next 1-2 years, jumping to three quarters (74%) when the timescale is lengthened to 3-5 years. The vast majority (79%) of publishers agree that a federal-level policy would be easier to comply with, although nearly a third (29%) do not feel that the impact on their business will be positive

>> One in five believe the measures they implemented for the GDPR will also cover them for CCPA compliance, but there are differences that need to be accounted for. These include the opt-out aspect of CCPA, which in contrast to GDPR, means the issue of DSAR and the process for deletion of data will be an area of differentiation

Commenting on the research, Barokas said: “Some of the findings of our publisher research echo the opinions of 51 businesses, including AT&T, Amazon, Comcast and the Interpublic Group, who called for Congress to pass a federal privacy law that would override individual state laws. Media owners should be taking the lead in the interim, gaining trust through a comprehensive, transparent and user-friendly process that establishes consumer choice as the standard for digital experiences. When privacy is part of the overall strategy, rather than a checkbox for compliance, that’s when publishers can truly capture consumer trust and explore sustainable monetization opportunities.”


The Sourcepoint research aimed to understand the perceived impact of data regulation in the US and the preparations being made by publishers to comply with the latest regulation due to be implemented. Representatives from 48 US media owners responded to an online survey during Q2 2019.

About Sourcepoint

Sourcepoint is the compliance platform that supports a sustainable media ecosystem through a fair value exchange between consumers and publishers. We provide tools for the advertising ecosystem to protect consumer privacy, manage compliance and optimize revenue in a rapidly changing landscape. Founded by a team of digital publishing veterans, Sourcepoint has offices in New York, Berlin, London, and Paris.

Media contact:

+44 (0)203 642 1124

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