How the Sourcepoint CMP helps you comply with IAB TCF v2.0

November 3, 2020

We’ve seen many successful transitions to TCF v2 with our CMP. Our client services team has worked closely with some of the world’s largest media companies to ensure compliance while maximizing monetization. 

Here are some ways that we help our customers comply with TCF v2.

First-layer message compliance tools

If you’re looking to build your own first-layer message, Privacy Check guides you through an easy checklist, flagging possible compliance and performance issues along the way. This gives you the flexibility to create messages that seamlessly integrate into your website while guiding you through the standard components necessary for compliance.

Our message builder allows you to display stacks, purposes and special purposes in an easy to understand first-layer message. Other tools such as Stack Selector makes sure that purposes don’t overlap across multiple stacks, which are a new requirement of the v2 framework.


You can always create the right look and feel for your site through our message builder. Choose from our library of TCF v2 consumer message templates which use standardized IAB terminology, or utilize the custom CSS feature. For global audiences, we provide translations for standard IAB definitions in 30 languages.

Vendor list CURATION

Our proprietary scanning technology enables a scalable, automated process for detecting and adding IAB and non-IAB vendors alike. IAB vendors can be automatically categorized under TCF v2 purposes. Non-IAB vendors can be separated out visually in your consent messages. 

Curating your vendor list empowers you to close compliance gaps, maximize revenue, and grow trust with your audience. Gain even deeper insight into the practices and performance of your partners with DIAGNOSE tool. 

Sourcepoint’s CMP supports Google ATP (Ad Tech Partner) vendors using Google’s Additional Consent Mode. When collecting consent from those ATP vendors that are not part of the TCF v2 framework, you also need to pass an Additional Consent signal to Google. Because Google works with vendors outside of the IAB framework, utilizing Additional Consent is becoming a critical component to maintain and grow revenues while complying with TCF v2. 

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We know that publishers are not just web based, and that you need to collect consent wherever your audience may be. Sourcepoint offers a robust SDK and support for AMP, OTT, and mobile app environments. Our Authenticated Consent module minimizes friction in user journeys by attaching collected privacy preferences to identifiers that translate across platforms.

World-class support

Our global client services team can help you navigate the complexity of this new version of the framework. Your technical account manager will share best practices and help you optimize your implementation. We ensure seamless UX and help you build scalable workflows for your team, all while ensuring no revenue is lost during your transition. 

For more information, contact us to schedule a demo or check out Sourcepoint’s own webinar to help publishers prepare for the transition, our primer on the new aspects of v2, a practical checklist for publishers, or our presentation in the IAB Europe’s webinar “TCF v2.0 in action”. 

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