Uncover all cookies with the new Diagnose dashboard

August 30, 2022

Diagnose Compliance Monitoring has always helped you spot vendor behavior that puts you at risk. Now, our newest dashboard goes even further to give you full visibility into your tech stack at all times. 

Introducing: the new All Cookies Found dashboard. 

With this addition, it’s easier than ever to understand and report on 

  • which cookies are observed on your site;
  • which vendors they are associated with;
  • what concerning behavior they are exhibiting;
  • and how they may be being used to process data.

You can now use the All Cookies Found dashboard to see all vendors and generate reports for the cookies they drop on your selected properties within a selected timeframe. 

By clicking on Cookie Details for a specific vendor, you will find a table of all the cookies dropped by that vendor and its attributes. 

Diagnose will automatically assign the appropriate purpose category to each cookie based on how we’ve categorized the vendor in our vendor library — making cookie disclosures a breeze to build and maintain. 

Red flags you won’t want to miss

Cookie Details can assist you in evaluating the cost vs. benefit of some cookies by flagging their potential to cause performance issues or lead to compliance risk. This also allows you to quickly address the cookies that need attention with the relevant vendor. 

Cookies dropped by the vendor can be flagged for 3 primary criteria:

Non-secure cookies are set by a http domain instead of https. Because Chrome blocks any vendors from accessing information stored in cookies set by non-secure requests, non-secure cookies may not work as intended. 
PersistentPersistent cookies (as opposed to session cookies) will not expire when the user session is over, but will expire at the expiry date set in the cookie. Whilst a 12 months persistence is probably acceptable in most cases, very long cookie durations go against the GDPR data minimisation principle.
Large Large cookies are over 100 bytes, indicating that a long string of characters has been written to the cookie value. While even the largest cookies are still relatively small, a large volume of such cookies set at once can have a potential impact on page load times.

Locating cookies throughout the user journey

For some organizations, it can be important to know not just what cookies are being dropped, but where specifically on the website they are dropped. With Diagnose, you can streamline the remediation process for unwanted cookies by tracing the origin of the cookies back to the exact URL(s).  

You’ll find Vendor Details on each of the Diagnose dashboards, including All Cookies Found. Simply select the Vendor Details for the relevant vendor and website to pull a record of all URLs where that vendor was observed. Expand any URL to view the host domains which we’ve associated with the vendor. 

For even greater detail, including a vendor’s full URL path, you can export the vendor details as a csv file. 

Explore the new “All Cookies Found” dashboard

At the core of every sustainable vendor governance program is visibility at scale. Diagnose now provides granular information on each distinct cookie observed on your site, all while providing reports in extremely usable and shareable formats. 

Use Cookie Details to populate and maintain your cookie disclosures, as well as audit vendors for the cookies they drop. Use Vendor Details to locate the specific web pages where vendors drop cookies, and export their full URL paths. 

With the new All Cookies Found dashboard, you’ll have everything you need to know about cookies and vendors, all in one place. 

Want to see how Diagnose can help you monitor cookie compliance at scale? Schedule a demo today.

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