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How PinkNews migrated to Sourcepoint to streamline their consent management strategy

Daisy Raichura, Technical Account Manager
May 30, 2024

PinkNews is the world’s most read and watched LGBTQ+ publisher with over 150 million monthly unique visitors across all their platforms. Founded in 2005, they exist to inform, inspire change and empower people to be themselves. They continue to support and campaign for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community, delivering change worldwide.

Reasons for moving CMP partners 

PinkNews had a variety of reasons to migrate to a new Consent Management Platform (CMP) provider.  These included:

  1. Experienced support as they implemented a CMP on other platforms asides from web 
  2. Consent customization capabilities to keep their branding at the forefront of user experience
  3. Expertise and consulting as they deal with the ever changing regulation changes in the EEA, UK and US

Why Sourcepoint?

PinkNews assessed various CMP providers, but ultimately chose Sourcepoint for a raft of reasons:

  1. The level of support Sourcepoint provides. Sourcepoint works closely and collaboratively with new clients to help them with their consent and data privacy setup. This includes guidance with creating messages, vendor lists and A/B testing 
  2. Sourcepoint also provides weekly call cadences during this process with access to our support ticketing software Zendesk for urgent inquiries 
  3. Sourcepoint offers clients the ability for a very customized implementation with custom css features for messages
  4. Lastly, Sourcepoint was able to help PinkNews with a specific use case: GDPR consent strings being applied to countries outside the EU, in this case in the US. This allowed them to work with specific partners and gain improved monetization

How did the migration go?

The implementation of the Sourcepoint CMP onto PinkNews took one day. 

The Sourcepoint integration process starts with scheduling a kickoff meeting and a portal training session. After this, PinkNews were keen to go live as quickly as possible. They used the Sourcepoint consent message templates for their foundation and added their own customizations to incorporate the PinkNews look and feel. 

Sourcepoint’s script is small and very easy to load so once the portal work was done, the PinkNews lead developer had the script implemented and on page, 24 hours from the initial kickoff call. 

PinkNews were very pleased with the ease of the transition — “it was a seamless changeover.”

Overall we found migrating to Sourcepoint to be super easy and stress-free. We were given support at every stage of the process, and even after launch we’ve had regular check-ins to make sure everything is optimized and running smoothly. Sourcepoint ensures that we’re always up-to-speed with the latest GDPR recommendations and will even make updates for us when necessary. We’re so happy with the integration on the website that we’re now moving our apps over to Sourcepoint too.

Sarah Watson, Chief Product Officer at PinkNews

Looking forward to vendor insights and compliance scanning

PinkNews have now started using Diagnose both in the US and EEA. Diagnose allows organizations to be more aware of how vendors behave on their sites: flagging risky vendors, data leakage and data privacy vulnerabilities on owned channels.

Diagnose scans a web domain to provide an overview of vendors and the cookies/trackers they’re deploying.

It also flags potential performance and privacy compliance risks, including:

  1. Non-secure cookies, which may not work as intended on certain browsers
  2. Persistent cookies, which go against the GDPR data minimization principle
  3. Large cookies, which can impact page load times

PinkNews have been using Diagnose to help with their vendor curation purposes and understanding how their vendors behave on their site.

PinkNews are now concentrating on integrating their apps with Sourcepoint’s CMP, based on the ease they experienced when implementing on web.

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