Guide to IAB TCF v2

What is the IAB’s Transparency & Consent Framework?

The Transparency & Consent Framework (TCF) was first launched by the IAB Europe in 2018 to provide the digital advertising industry with technical standards for complying with GDPR.

Use this comprehensive guide to learn about what the TCF requires and how Sourcepoint can help you achieve compliance.


Updates on Belgian DPA’s investigation

What does the Belgian DPA’s decision mean for the future of the IAB TCF?

Understand the context behind the complaints and the implications of the ruling. Plus, know how you might need to adjust your CMP implementation.


Stacks, purposes, and special features: TCF v2

Everything you need to know

The launch of the TCF v2 reflected feedback from regional Data Protection Authorities (DPAs) and industry stakeholders.


TCF v2 introduced a Global Vendor List registry, specific language for data processing purposes, and UI requirements. It also requires consumers to be able to object to data processing on the basis of legitimate interest.


Choosing a CMP for TCF v2

Sourcepoint was one of the first platforms registered with the IAB for GDPR compliance

All the tools you need to meet TCF v2 requirements

Discover the CMP of choice for all IAB TCF v2.0 Steering Committee Members.

Featuring vendor scanning and a TCF Privacy Checklist built right into the message builder, Sourcepoint’s Dialogue CMP offers all the tools you need to meet IAB TCF standards as they evolve.



TCF v2.1 cookie disclosure requirements

What is TCF v2.1?

Understand the history behind the new requirements presented in TCF v2.1.


Get answers to your questions about cookie storage lifespans and storage methods, and how the amendment affects CMP implementations.

TCF v2.1 FAQ

TCF v2 in action

Curious about our solution? Here’s how to get started


Watch the webinar recording to learn the essentials of TCF v2.0, including:

  • New data usage categories
  • Pros and cons of using a Privacy Manager as a first-layer message
  • The new UI requirements
  • How to gauge the complexity of your TCF v2.0 implementation

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