Ad Block Management

Recover revenue lost to ad blocking

We believe that consumer ad block usage is a symptom of a larger problem: frustration with advertising practices that impede user experience.

That’s why we created the Ad Block Management Module. It enables you to address the root of the problem – by communicating directly with your audience about how advertising supports their content, or offering alternative compensation options.


  • Easily identify ad blocker users
    • Our detection technology identifies consumers who are running ad blocker software and serves them a customized experience.
  • Engage your audience
    • Present a branded message about content compensation. Our testing functionality allows you to test copy, calls to action, and other elements.
  • Drive revenue with true compensation choice
    • Our team will partner with you to develop the compensation choice strategy that works best for your audience. Offer the choice to whitelist, disable the ad blocker, view a video ad, or pay for content.


Powerful insights

Visualize performance for campaigns with our robust reporting dashboard and leverage data to optimize your monetization strategy accordingly.

User journey optimization

Build custom flows to test different messaging scenarios and revenue strategies. A/B test to discover the optimal combination of text, UI, delivery method, and call to action for each audience.

Creative control for on-brand messaging

Our message builder allows you to customize styling and UI components with CSS and HTML.

Campaign management at scale

Using our core Dialogue functionality, you can group properties and clone messaging scenarios, so it’s easy to implement campaigns at regional, global, property-specific or publisher-family levels of consent.


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where we have teams or offices: USA, Germany, France and the UK

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