Find Trackers Putting You At Data Privacy Risk

Uncover Your Privacy Vulnerabilities

Global scrutiny of cookies is rising. Do you know if your house is in order?

A complimentary scan can uncover the privacy vulnerabilities lurking on your apps and websites, and arms you to fix them.

Uncover vulnerabilities putting your marketing and data privacy at risk

Data privacy compliance and marketing are more married than ever. Privacy vulnerabilities from unauthorized tech or fraudulent traffic affect your compliance and are barriers to your marketing and your user journeys. A data privacy solution for your websites and apps is vital.

Manage data privacy compliance


Diagnose unauthorized and non-consented tech on your website. Report on downstream data privacy information: emails, geolocations, IP addresses, browsing data and keystrokes. Prevent privacy risks by blocking broken consent strings, unauthorized pixels, cookies, and non-consented tech.



Prevent invalid traffic and fraud


Identify fraudulent traffic, detecting invalid cookies and bots with granular analytics based on region, visits, clicks, conversions and more. Utilize insights to eliminate invalid traffic, block unauthorized bots, cookies and IPs, and correct marketing metrics by excluding invalid traffic and rightsize marketing budget allocations.

Maintain user journey health


Maintain the health of user journeys. Scan user paths and purchase flows are functioning, find 404 errors and broken pages, and alleviate inaccessible purchase links and content. Analyze site and tag health, logging broken links, and missing and duplicated tags preventing users from finding your content and products.


30 billion

monthly consumer touchpoints

4 billion

Sourcepoint-powered messages delivered to consumers


Watch an open demo of Diagnose scanning and compliance monitoring solution and learn how to address third-party risks lurking on your digital properties.


We provide a comprehensive overview of our Diagnose compliance monitoring product.


See our data privacy platform in action

Interested in learning more? Let’s talk about how to hit your data privacy compliance objectives, prevent marketing fraud, and optimize your customer experience.


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