Consent management for gaming

Secure your Google revenue


With Sourcepoint’s Google-certified CMP, you can deliver fully customizable messages to collect consent and meet Google requirements for serving ads the UK and EEA.



Google-certified CMP

The Sourcepoint CMP is Google-certified and

TCF v2.2 compliant

Easy integration

Our plug and play Unity SDK for iOS and Android enables easy integration with mobile games

Maximize revenue

Fully customize and A/B test your messages to optimize opt-ins

“We have been using the Sourcepoint CMP across our 100+ apps for a number of years and have been impressed with the stability of their SDK, the performance of their solution in terms of opt-in rates and the exceptional ongoing support of the Sourcepoint team. Sourcepoint was the best solution for our needs, by far.”


Nathaniel Francis

Digital Revenue Operations Director

Consent requirements for mobile games


An overview of everything you need to know about implementing a CMP for your mobile game, and common compliance challenges that publishers face.


Navigating Privacy in Gaming: Key Insights for 2024


In 2023, the gaming industry got a clear wake-up call: not investing in privacy will directly hurt your bottom line. Learn about best practices for implementing a CMP, as well as some common misconceptions.


Everything you need to know about Google’s CMP requirements


Watch our webinar with Google to understand why publishers are being required to use certified CMPs that support TCF v2.2 and best practices for your migration.


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