Introducing: Bulk Cookie Disclosures

December 7, 2022

Turn your cookie scan results into informative cookie disclosures, with the new addition of bulk cookie disclosureses to the Dialogue CMP vendor list management workflow. 

This feature simplifies the process of mapping cookie disclosures to their respective vendors, which are then displayed on your privacy manager. Making updates to disclosures over time is also more efficient thanks to the ability to view cookies that have been previously disclosed versus those which are yet to be mapped. 

Cookie disclosures are an important piece of your privacy program in the EU. The ePrivacy Directive, sometimes known as the EU cookie law because of its focus on regulating the use of cookies and trackers, requires websites to disclose all cookies being stored on a device and to obtain consent from the user before doing so. 

Along with disclosing which cookies are being stored and accessed, websites need to provide details about each cookie including the name of the vendor/company dropping the cookie, for what purposes, and its lifespan. 

Inputting all this information one by one can be a tedious process, so it may be tempting to disclose the full IAB Global Vendor List (GVL) as a blanket solution. Doing so has its risks however; not every tech vendor that will set cookies on your site is registered on the IAB’s GVL, nor does every vendor provide disclosures for every cookie they set. 

That’s why it’s important to use cookie scanning technology like Diagnose to uncover all cookies on site—whether they’ve been declared or not—to inform accurate cookie disclosures. 

Cookie disclosures will display on your privacy manager under Cookie Information

We support 3 different methods to map cookies. These are not mutually exclusive, and can be used in any combination depending on your organization’s needs. 

  1. IAB TCF GVL cookie disclosures

You’ll enjoy the greatest degree of automation with cookies declared by IAB vendors via the Global Vendor List (GVL). For IAB cookies, Sourcepoint automatically adds the appropriate cookie disclosures to their respective vendors. Cookie disclosures added in this manner are marked as “Added via IAB Declared” and are not editable. 

  1. Map cookies via Diagnose cookie scans

Because our Diagnose scanning solution is integrated with the Dialogue CMP, users of both products enjoy the additional benefit of being able to directly map cookies identified in their Diagnose scan results to their respective vendors in the CMP vendor list. Cookie disclosures added in this manner are marked as “Added via Scan Results.” 

  1. Map cookies manually or via CSV import

Maybe you have a list of cookies you know need to be disclosed, or perhaps you generated a list with a different scanning solution. It may make sense to import cookies manually or with a CSV file. Simply configure the details for each cookie, or download our template and import your predetermined list of cookies with their necessary disclosure details. 

Head over to our help center article for an in-depth walkthrough of how you can use each of these methods to map cookie disclosures in the Dialogue CMP. 

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