You Are Who You Work With: Cookie Consent and Data Privacy

Marina Pappa, Product Manager
June 11, 2024
You are who you work with. Consent Management and data privacy

You want to create a seamless user experience for people visiting your website while ensuring you’re maximizing marketing and engagement opportunities—and putting consumer privacy and consent first. And like any other organization on the web, you’re working with a robust stack of vendors, consent management platforms and tracking technologies such as cookies, pixels, tags and beacons to make it all happen.

Balancing all of these objectives is not an easy task.

But did you know that your technology partners (especially your partners’ partners—more on that later!) can pose a serious threat to your business? In a world where privacy is top of mind for consumers and enforcement of data privacy regulations and consent is on the increase, you can’t afford to leave yourself vulnerable to things like data leakage, non-compliance, regulatory fines and reputational risk. States in the U.S. are adding regulations on an individual basis, and more regulations are being enacted around the world.

This is what we do at Sourcepoint, consent management and data privacy. And it’s why we created this guide to help you navigate the process of managing consent and preferences, and deep vendor, cookie and tracker assessments. When you conduct regular automated assessments, you will:

• Have a better understanding of the partners you are working with

• Know what types of cookies, trackers, and technologies are working behind the scenes on your site

• Stay on top of global and U.S. state regulatory consent and privacy requirements and identify compliance gaps

• Improve the overall performance of your website

Contrary to what you might assume, a longer cookie and tracker list is usually not better. By examining and analyzing the on-site behaviors of trackers on your site to curate and reduce the number of technology partners on your site , you’ll see a tangible benefit to your bottom line. Conducting regular assessments can positively impact your data privacy compliance, consent management and marketing, and website performance.

Privacy compliance: You are who you work with

In the ever-shifting landscape of privacy compliance, it’s not enough to make sure that you are adhering to the various legislative regulations and industry frameworks, and there are more every day from different U.S. states’ data privacy laws to new regulations in Europe. Everyone you partner with on your website, and every downstream and indirect partner and technology that your partners share your data with, is required to meet the same standards to ensure compliance.

This can be tricky, especially when it comes to digital marketing , consent and preference center management ,and emerging data privacy legislation. Sure, you can decide which cookies, trackers and technology partners you want to work with on your site, but what about their partners? These unknown vendors could access your site without you even realizing it. Not only is the unknown putting you at risk for non-compliance, but it’s also potentially affecting your website loading speed and your adtech. Learn more about how Sourcepoint Diagnose can help. 

So, how can you be sure your site and your partners are adhering to data privacy and consumer consent laws? There are myriad privacy regulations impacting global compliance today, from the California Consumer Privacy Act, to new data privacy laws in Minnesota and Nebraska, to the LGPD (the Brazilian privacy national law), and more on the way.

Read our guide on Tracker and Cookie Curation to get started.

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