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United Classifieds adds value to their advertising products with Sourcepoint’s Dialogue CMP

May 8, 2022

About United Classifieds

United Classifieds is a leading provider of online advertising in Slovakia. The company through its subsidiaries operates a wide range of advertising products with a focus on the real estate and automotive markets. United Classifieds is a Ringier Group venture, featuring high-quality brands such as,, and

Why Sourcepoint

“We were looking to replace our previous CMP with something more user-friendly to ensure ongoing compliance with GDPR. Our parent company in Berlin recommended Sourcepoint, and it was an easy decision to make the switch. The message builder is easy to use and very flexible. The support from our dedicated account manager is continuous and reliable. We’ve found that Sourcepoint’s CMP solution is a great value-add to our online products.”

“We’ve found that Sourcepoint’s CMP solution is a great value-add to our online products.”

Martin Pastierovič, Data Protection Manager


  • Lacked streamlined way to create and manage TCF messages across array of properties
  • Lacked tools for reporting on consent rates to optimize message design
  • High bounce rates affected both ad and platform monetization
  • Needed to quickly adapt to regional regulatory requirements

United Classifieds was looking for a solution that could be flexible and efficient, giving them the ability to roll out changes and add properties quickly while also adjusting for branding. 

Previously, high bounce rates detracted from the value of their advertising products which they offered via their online marketplaces for buying and selling real estate, cars, and more.

They knew that if their websites weren’t trusted to drive engagement, both buyers and sellers would look elsewhere. 

And with new requirements anticipated from their local DPA in Slovakia, the team needed their consent solution to help them make compliant, and data-driven decisions about their privacy messages.


With so many brands under their umbrella—each with their own voice and style—it was important to United Classifieds that their CMP solution could be adapted to each website’s look and feel.

Using the banner that their dedicated account manager modeled for them on one of their websites as a template, the team easily created several more while customizing for each brand’s colors and logos. Sourcepoint’s CMP made it easy to manage edits across properties as well as add new properties. 

Their dedicated account manager also made sure that customizations were made while optimizing for user experience. She provided the team with suggestions based on designs that have historically performed well with other clients and facilitated A/B testing experiments. 

United Classifieds went on to implement the winning designs across all properties.


United Classifieds used the Sourcepoint CMP’s reporting capabilities to measure the performance of different message designs which met local regulatory requirements.

increase in full opt-in rate

decrease in bounce rate

Designing a user friendly privacy manager

Their Sourcepoint account manager suggested making the privacy manager more compact to make it easier to digest for visitors. Together, they also experimented with options for users to interact with the message while also breaking up the legal text for a more digestible interface.

A/B testing confirmed the winning design, showing a 20% increase in full-opt ins, which directly bolstered United Classified’s monetization efforts. 

Additionally, bounce rates decreased by 14%, which in turn increased the value of United Classified’s advertising inventory. Their success in lowering bounce rates was especially important for their online marketplaces brands.

Old privacy manager (top); New privacy manager (bottom)

Adapting the first-layer message

United Classifieds’s experiments also helped them design a winning “first-layer” message, which is the first screen a new user sees upon entering a site. Their account manager worked with them to incorporate the “Reject All” option that is required in France and Denmark, and expected to be required by the Slovakian DPA. 

The new design helped United Classifieds adapt to regional interpretations of privacy regulation, all while bringing down bounce rates by 10% and increasing full opt-ins by 10%. 

Old first-layer message (top); New first-layer message (bottom)

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