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CPPA gets green light to enforce regulations immediately

Date posted - 13/02/2024

A California appellate judge ruled that a trial court erred in prohibiting the California Privacy Protection Agency (CPPA) from enforcing regulations under the California Privacy Rights Act of 2020 until one year after the regulation becomes final.

ICO warns that cookie banner enforcement will continue

Date posted - 05/02/2024

After sending warning letters to some of the UK's top websites in late November, giving them 30 days to bring their cookie banners into compliance, the ICO posted an update on the status of those efforts, including a warning that they...

DPAs seek EDPB position on ‘Consent or Pay’ model

Date posted - 29/01/2024

The Norway, Netherlands and Hamburg data protection authorities have requested that the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) issue a formal statement clarifying under which circumstances a service may legally offer a subscription model that allows users to consent to certain uses...

New Hampshire passes comprehensive privacy law

Date posted - 22/01/2024

SB 255 is largely identical to Connecticut's privacy law, with some differences, including lower consumer data processing thresholds for application of the law to businesses. Like Connecticut and over half of the comprehensive privacy laws enacted so far, the New Hampshire law...

New Jersey enacts comprehensive privacy law

Date posted - 15/01/2024

New Jersey S332 passed both houses of the state's legislature and was signed by the governor, making New Jersey the thirteenth state to pass a comprehensive privacy law. The law will go into effect January 16, 2025.

Utah Consumer Privacy Act takes effect

Date posted - 08/01/2024

The UCPA is the least restrictive of the five active state laws, most closely resembling Virginia's VCDPA. Notably, enforcement under the Utah law requires overcoming a number of procedural hurdles not present in the other laws.

VPPA class actions continue, with more targeted approach

Date posted - 18/12/2023

In this case, the plaintiffs are alleging that Rumble's business model is centered around providing pre-recorded audio-visual content and that, through use of a Meta pixel, Rumble disclosed Facebook IDs, along with specific video titles and video URLs, to...

Spanish Media association alleges Meta’s privacy violations constitute unfair competition

Date posted - 11/12/2023

The Information Media Association (AMI) filed a lawsuit in Spain on behalf of 83 Spanish media outlets alleging that Meta's "systemic and massive non-compliance" with European data protection regulations, including a failure to obtain user consent for profiling, allowed...

CPPA might require all browsers to offer opt-out preference signals

Date posted - 04/12/2023

A memorandum from the California Privacy Protection Agency (CPPA) staff proposes that the CPPA Board support legislation to require all browsers, platforms and devices to include an opt-out preference signal feature, enabling users to opt out of the sale / sharing...

ICO sends warning letters to top UK sites, citing lack of “Reject All”

Date posted - 27/11/2023

The ICO previously made an announcement on its website warning that the ICO would be assessing cookie banner of the most frequently used websites in the UK and taking action where harmful design was affecting consumers. 

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