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CPPA might require all browsers to offer opt-out preference signals

Date posted - 04/12/2023

A memorandum from the California Privacy Protection Agency (CPPA) staff proposes that the CPPA Board support legislation to require all browsers, platforms and devices to include an opt-out preference signal feature, enabling users to opt out of the sale / sharing...

ICO sends warning letters to top UK sites, citing lack of “Reject All”

Date posted - 27/11/2023

The ICO previously made an announcement on its website warning that the ICO would be assessing cookie banner of the most frequently used websites in the UK and taking action where harmful design was affecting consumers. 

California AG appeals decision blocking Age Appropriate Design Code

Date posted - 23/10/2023

California Attorney General Rob Bonta filed a notice of appeal seeking to overturn a preliminary injunction granted last month blocking the California Age Appropriate Design Code (CAADC), a law that was signed by Governor Newsom in 2022 and originally scheduled to...

California governor signs Delete Act into law

Date posted - 16/10/2023

Data broker registration and reporting has been required under California law since 2019, and there are currently about 500 data brokers registered. The Delete Act will include new requirements move the registry from the Attorney General's Office to the...

Meta to offer ad-free subscription plans in Europe

Date posted - 09/10/2023

Meta plans to offer European users ad-free paid subscription plans for Instagram and Facebook as an alternative to consenting to personalized ads. The move, which will reportedly be implemented in the coming months, would be an attempt to comply...

Norway DPA’s privacy fine against Grindr affirmed on appeal

Date posted - 02/10/2023

The appeals court found it insufficient that Grindr only included information about sharing personal data to advertising partners in their privacy policy. The court also found that the fact that an individual is a user of Grindr is, in and...

FTC warns tax prep companies against using trackers without consent

Date posted - 25/09/2023

The Federal Trade Commission sent warning letters to five tax preparation companies warning that the recipients could incur civil penalties up to $50,120 per violation if they misuse personal data in ways counter to the original purpose for which...

Delaware governor signs comprehensive privacy law

Date posted - 18/09/2023

Delaware HB 154, implementing the Delaware Personal Data Privacy Act, was signed into law, making Delaware the twelfth state to enact a comprehensive privacy law. Most of the law will take effect January 1, 2025, with the requirement to respect...

Women say data transparency matters when selecting fertility apps

Date posted - 11/09/2023

A poll conducted by the UK Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) revealed that 59% of women surveyed said transparency over how their data was used was a bigger concern than cost or ease of use when selecting a period or fertility tracking...

CPPA publishes draft regulations for cybersecurity and risk assessments

Date posted - 05/09/2023

The California Privacy Protection Agency (CPPA), as part of the meeting records for its September 8 board meeting, published two sets of draft regulations, covering cybersecurity and risk assessments, respectively.

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