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Everything you need to know about TCF v2.2

Date posted - 02/05/2023

TCF v2.2 introduces changes which the industry can make to address many of the concerns raised in the Belgian DPA ruling that are not dependent on pending answers from the CJEU.  Let’s go over how TCF v2.2 differs from...

California Privacy Agency rulemaking delay; IAB Europe clarifies Belgian DPA decision for pubs

Date posted - 23/02/2022

CPPA announces delayed rulemaking. Facebook settles cookie tracking lawsuit. IAB Europe to publishers: the TCF is not illegal.

IAB Europe to appeal Belgian DPA decision; ICCL calls on deletion of TCF data

Date posted - 15/02/2022

Irish Council of Civil Liberties send letters to major advertisers calling on the deletion on digital advertising data collected via the TCF. The IAB Europe announces plans to appeal the Belgian DPA decision. And an Australian court reject's Facebooks...

23 US states now have active privacy legislation; Belgium fines IAB Europe for GDPR violations

Date posted - 07/02/2022

Indiana, Washington, and Massachusetts privacy bills make progress; Wisconsin bill introduced. Meanwhile, the Belgian DPA fines IAB Europe for GDPR violations.

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