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TikTok faces latest class action over pixel tracking

Date posted - 05/06/2023

A class action lawsuit was filed against TikTok in the Central District of California, alleging various California statutory, common law and constitutional claims based on TikTok's collection and use of ad event information, IP address, and cookie information from...

Iowa is sixth U.S. state to enact comprehensive privacy law

Date posted - 29/03/2023

Iowa’s SF262, An Act Relating to Consumer Data Protection, was passed unanimously by the state Senate and House on March 6 and 15 respectively, and signed into law by the Iowa Governor on March 29, 2023. Iowa is the...

What’s up with the Colorado Privacy Act?

Date posted - 20/03/2023

How will Colorado's law impact advertising? Read on for our breakdown of the newest privacy TLA: the CPA.

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