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Sourcepoint CMP Tackles Future of US Privacy with New Sensitive Data Opt-in Functionality

Date posted - 17/01/2024

Sourcepoint’s feature supports a new model for consent in the U.S. that has so far been limited to the EU, allowing more customers to be privacy-forward in their approach to navigating such a complex landscape.

California governor signs Delete Act into law

Date posted - 16/10/2023

Data broker registration and reporting has been required under California law since 2019, and there are currently about 500 data brokers registered. The Delete Act will include new requirements move the registry from the Attorney General's Office to the...

FTC continues health data privacy enforcement

Date posted - 06/03/2023

The FTC made two announcements this week demonstrating its increasing focus on health information privacy enforcement: a proposed settlement with online counseling service BetterHelp regarding the sharing of health information with social media platforms for advertising purposes; and a...

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