Exciting New Diagnose Features: New Filters and More Vendor Details

Marina Pappa, Product Manager
May 21, 2024

Ever since we launched the Vendor Trace feature in Diagnose, we’ve been receiving valuable feedback from our clients. Today, we’re excited to introduce several new features designed to enhance your experience and better serve multi-regulation use cases. These updates aim to provide improved customization, greater visibility, and better consent and data privacy compliance support. Here’s what’s new and how it benefits you.

Regional Customization and Filtering

To cater specifically to clients navigating the current U.S. state data privacy patchwork, we’ve introduced regional customization that includes specific zones and states. This new feature allows you to filter information based on your specific region, providing more relevant data and insights. Now, with advanced region filters covering US states, the EEA, and other countries, you can see consent statuses and filters that are relevant to the areas you operate in, ensuring you have the most pertinent information.

Visibility of Revenue Impact

Understanding the financial implications of your decisions is important. Our consent management platform now shows the vendors lost when a user opts out or rejects all vendors, giving you clear visibility of revenue impact. By seeing which vendors are lost and having them automatically greyed out, you can better understand the financial implications and make more informed decisions, helping you balance data privacy risk and revenue effectively.

Enhanced Date Selection

We’ve improved our date selection feature, enabling you to retrieve historical data and track developments over time. This enhancement helps you analyze trends and make strategic decisions based on comprehensive historical data. Access to historical data allows you to monitor progress over time and provide evidence when needed, giving you a broader review period to track changes and trends.

Vendor modal screen

Comprehensive Vendor Modal

We’ve enhanced decision-making with our new vendor modal. This feature offers detailed information about each vendor, ensuring that you have all the necessary data to make well-informed decisions. The vendor modal includes important details such as the privacy policy URL, first and last seen dates, prevalence, tracking methods detected, and technology categorization. This comprehensive view helps you validate each vendor and choose the best ones for your needs.

Audit and Compliance Support

To support your data privacy audit and compliance efforts, you can now download detailed vendor information. This feature allows you to trace back and provide evidence on how vendors were selected, enhancing transparency and accountability. You can download detailed evidence from the exact scans that identified a vendor, providing a clear trace of how the vendor appeared on the site. This robust documentation supports your consent and privacy compliance requirements and audit processes.

We hope these new features will enhance your experience and help you achieve your privacy and business goals. If you’d like to see a demo of our platform, check out our Diagnose Demo webinar on demand!

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