Sourcepoint is your Google Certified CMP for Consent Mode V2

Activate Google consent mode V2 with a certified consent management platform

Quickly and easily activate and manage Google consent mode V2 with Sourcepoint, Google certified CMP (Consent Management Platform)

• Google Certified CMP

• Fully compliant Google Consent Mode V2 solution

• IAB TCF 2.2 ready

Sourcepoint is trusted around the world for consent management

Sourcepoint helps organizations around the world with consent mode V2, data privacy and consent, aligning cross-functional teams including legal, privacy and marketing teams, and automating vendor and cookie risk assessments — all from a single, flexible CMP platform.

Quickly and easily activate Google consent mode V2


Founded in 2015, Sourcepoint is your experienced consent mode partner. We’re trusted by global brands to rapidly deploy consent mode V2 every day.


We’re proud to have been Google’s vendor scanning partner since 2022 and one of the first CMPs certified for TCF v2.2.


Your reliable Google consent mode CMP partner


As a certified Google CMP Partner, Sourcepoint is the CMP of choice for organizations that need to optimize and scale their consent strategy without downtime or other costly delays.

Our software and integration improvements are thoroughly documented by our consent mode experts and engineers.

Our award-winning client services team is here to support you through implementation and optimization, with no need to contact Google for support.

Consent messages that are an extension of your brand


Design native privacy centers with templates in 30+ languages or custom CSS. Use our no-code message builder to customize logos, text, fonts, colors, and more. Fine-tune language and configurations across markets seamlessly, reducing complexity and resource demands.


Our platform is designed to be flexible so you can optimize and quickly adapt as regulatory requirements evolve.




Retain your advertising and marketing advantage


In the new cookie-less future, you need to ensure the impact of your first-party data.  Sourcepoint’s CMP is designed to improve your website and app performance, not slow it down.

From cookie and tracker curation to custom campaign workflows,  Sourcepoint’s tools are designed to enhance your messaging effectiveness, ensuring your consent strategy drives better business outcomes.




Learn more about Sourcepoint CMP and Google consent mode implementations


Check out our webinars about how to implement Google consent mode v2 or best practices for implementing TCF v2.2.


Contact us to learn more about how to turn your consent strategy into a superpower!



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