Virginia amendment impacts third-party treatment of deletion requests

Date posted - 18/04/2022

The purpose of this amendment was to prevent companies that receive data indirectly from other businesses from deleting consumer data in response to a request and then re-collecting data about the same consumer from an indirect business source, without...

German DPA says Google must fix consent banners

Date posted - 11/04/2022

The Hamburg Commissioner's position is consistent with previous sentiments from other EU DPAs, including the CNIL in France, which issued sanctions against Google and Facebook early this year based on a finding that the companies' respective cookie banners did...

IAB Europe submits action plan to Belgium DPA

Date posted - 04/04/2022

If the APD approves the action plan, IAB Europe will have 6 months from the date of such approval to implement the plan. However, IAB Europe has also appealed the decision, including a request to suspend the Order pending...

Tentative transatlantic data flow agreement reached

Date posted - 28/03/2022

Biden announced that their countries had "reached a major breakthrough in transatlantic data flows" with a "new agreement [that] will enhance the Privacy Shield Framework; promote growth and innovation in Europe and the United States; and help companies, both...

Utah privacy bill awaits signature; Google to sunset analytics solution storing IP address

Date posted - 21/03/2022

Like the Colorado and Virginia laws, the UCPA does provide a right to opt out of sales and targeted advertising, but it does not provide a right to opt out of profiling. The law adopts Virginia's narrow definition of...

Trans-atlantic data transfer agreements a “high priority”

Date posted - 28/02/2022

The United States and European Union will need to either agree on sufficient safeguards to protect EU data subjects or reconcile the differences between the EU Charter and U.S. Surveillance laws. Meanwhile, the new UK Information Commissioner criticizes EU's...

California Privacy Agency rulemaking delay; IAB Europe clarifies Belgian DPA decision for pubs

Date posted - 23/02/2022

CPPA announces delayed rulemaking. Facebook settles cookie tracking lawsuit. IAB Europe to publishers: the TCF is not illegal.

IAB Europe to appeal Belgian DPA decision; ICCL calls on deletion of TCF data

Date posted - 15/02/2022

Irish Council of Civil Liberties send letters to major advertisers calling on the deletion on digital advertising data collected via the TCF. The IAB Europe announces plans to appeal the Belgian DPA decision. And an Australian court reject's Facebooks...

23 US states now have active privacy legislation; Belgium fines IAB Europe for GDPR violations

Date posted - 07/02/2022

Indiana, Washington, and Massachusetts privacy bills make progress; Wisconsin bill introduced. Meanwhile, the Belgian DPA fines IAB Europe for GDPR violations.

US states sue Google over dark patterns and German ad industry criticizes third-party cookie deprecation

Date posted - 31/01/2022

State attorneys general sue Google re dark patterns, ANA urges FTC to reject surveillance ad ban, Indiana privacy bill advances to senate floor, German ad industry criticizes deprecation of third-party cookies, EDPB issues guidance re right of access, and...

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