FTC Finalizes Order With Avast Over Data Collection Without Consent

Date posted - 01/07/2024

FTC finalizes order about collection of browsing data without consent, plus Rhode Island enacts privacy law and Sweden cracks down on bank for misconfiguration of Meta pixel.

FTC warns tax prep companies against using trackers without consent

Date posted - 25/09/2023

The Federal Trade Commission sent warning letters to five tax preparation companies warning that the recipients could incur civil penalties up to $50,120 per violation if they misuse personal data in ways counter to the original purpose for which...

Meta to obtain consent for ads in EU, but not UK

Date posted - 07/08/2023

Meta announced, through a blog post update, that it will change the legal basis it uses to process personal data for behavioral advertising for people in the EU, EEA and Switzerland from 'Legitimate Interest' to 'Consent'. The company did not...

13 key takeaways from recent FTC health data cases

Date posted - 31/07/2023

After several recent FTC enforcement actions involving health-related data, FTC staff posted on its "business blog" a list of thirteen "key messages" from the cases that companies need to understand.

FTC asserts that COPPA does not preempt state law claims

Date posted - 31/05/2023

Google argued in its appeal that all state-law claims involving children's online privacy are barred by COPPA's preemption clause, but the FTC argued that nothing in COPPA's text purpose, or legislative history supports Google's argument. If the full appeals court follows...

Luxembourg court suspends Amazon decision; CNIL fines Google & Facebook

Date posted - 10/01/2022

Luxembourg court suspends decision against Amazon. CNIL issues fines against Google & Facebook. UK confirms new information commissioner. Biden re-nominates Bedoya for FTC commissioner. New York Privacy Act is reintroduced. Jordan introduces draft data protection law.

OpenX to pay $2M for FTC privacy settlement; Google settles over children’s privacy

Date posted - 20/12/2021

OpenX to pay $2M for FTC privacy settlement. Google settles with New Mexico AG re children's privacy. FTC provides notice of privacy rulemaking process consideration. California CPPA releases public comments. CNIL issues new developer guide re cookies. CNIL issues...

Week of August 16, 2021

Date posted - 23/08/2021

China passes personal data protection law, Canada releases updated guidance, and the first GDPR lawsuit in US court is dismissed.

A little privacy: week of June 28

Date posted - 02/07/2021

FTC settles over COPPA violations. CNIL confirms compliance of orgs put on notice. Adequacy decision for UK under GDPR adopted. Read "A Little Privacy."

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