TCF v2

TCF v2.0: everything you need to know

Date posted - 17/05/2021

Along with improved transparency and control for publishers and consumers, TCF v2.0 also eliminates ambiguity and supports better legitimate interest data processing. Let’s walk through some of the changes. ...

What publishers need to know about managing consent on AMP

Date posted - 07/05/2021

When it comes to privacy and monetization, AMP pages are one piece of the puzzle that can’t be left unaddressed. Given the high volume of traffic driven by mobile and AMP views, foregoing something like a CMP to manage...

Planet49 and TCF v2.1 changed cookie notices: How to update your CMP

Date posted - 02/02/2021

What is TCF v2.1? What is the Planet49 ruling? How did the Planet49 ruling inform TCF v2.1? How does TCF v2.1 affect my CMP implementation? Do I need to collect re-consent for vendors? Should I be concerned about long...

How the Sourcepoint CMP helps you comply with IAB TCF v2.0

Date posted - 03/11/2020

We’ve seen many successful transitions to TCF v2 with our CMP. Our client services team has worked closely with some of the world’s largest media companies to ensure compliance while maximizing monetization.  Here are some ways that we help...

Your TCF v2.0 transition: a practical checklist for publishers

Date posted - 15/07/2020

The August 15 deadline to switch over is rapidly approaching. The Transparency & Consent Framework v2.0 is complex, but with the proper preparation and the right partner, you can ensure no impact on your revenue. For a good overview...

Deadline to switch over to TCF v2.0 extended to August 15

Date posted - 15/05/2020

The IAB Europe Transparency & Consent Framework (TCF) Steering Group has voted to extend the deadline to switch over to TCF v2.0 to August 15, 2020. What does this mean for you?

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