Comparing U.S. state privacy laws: Sensitive Data

Date posted - 21/01/2024

How do different U.S. state laws define and protect sensitive personal information? Access a state-by-state comparison of sensitive data definitions.

The always-up-to-date US state privacy law comparison chart

Date posted - 18/01/2024

Bookmark this post for an always-up-to-date overview of US state privacy laws, and how they compare. 

US Privacy Deadlines You Need to Know

Date posted - 08/11/2023

An always up-to-date reference sheet for US state privacy law deadlines. Know when California, Virginia, Colorado, Utah, Connecticut, and Iowa laws go into effect.

Benchmark Report: US Privacy Compliance

Date posted - 19/08/2022

The current state of publisher compliance with CCPA, and how the industry must adapt as the US privacy landscape evolves.

Connecticut privacy bill passes Senate

Date posted - 25/04/2022

Connecticut SB 6, which closely resembles the Colorado Privacy Act, was unanimously passed by the Senate after an amendment making changes to the applicability threshold and the age of children’s data (from 18 to 16) and removing authentication requirements...

The new Utah data privacy law: what you need to know

Date posted -

Did you have Utah on your US state privacy patchwork bingo card? Probably not! But the Beehive State is indeed the latest state to enact a data privacy law, following Colorado and Virginia, to pass a privacy law. Read...

Virginia amendment impacts third-party treatment of deletion requests

Date posted - 18/04/2022

The purpose of this amendment was to prevent companies that receive data indirectly from other businesses from deleting consumer data in response to a request and then re-collecting data about the same consumer from an indirect business source, without...

German DPA says Google must fix consent banners

Date posted - 11/04/2022

The Hamburg Commissioner's position is consistent with previous sentiments from other EU DPAs, including the CNIL in France, which issued sanctions against Google and Facebook early this year based on a finding that the companies' respective cookie banners did...

IAB Europe submits action plan to Belgium DPA

Date posted - 04/04/2022

If the APD approves the action plan, IAB Europe will have 6 months from the date of such approval to implement the plan. However, IAB Europe has also appealed the decision, including a request to suspend the Order pending...

Tentative transatlantic data flow agreement reached

Date posted - 28/03/2022

Biden announced that their countries had "reached a major breakthrough in transatlantic data flows" with a "new agreement [that] will enhance the Privacy Shield Framework; promote growth and innovation in Europe and the United States; and help companies, both...

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